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Freeware – Health

Brush and be Proud

Now available! For all schools, NGO’s, dentists…. The two side flyer about the HOW and WHY of Toothbrushing. Describes the relevance of healthy food as well as brushing technics in a playful way. Would you support your health-campaign? Download the Aisha & Friends flyer for free and share with us your impact. Brush and be Proud!

Kenya teaches Aisha

The eagerness to learn and enthusiasm of the teachers was heartwarming. The performance of the facilitator Jacque inspiring. On September 25th we visited the Speak Up! training in Kilifi. During the days, teachers and headmasters are given skills and materials to work with children on their self-confidence. Recognizing and acknowledging emotions is the starting point. The teachers will forward the training to 2000 children in four schools in the coming months. We learned a lot from all the conversations and observations during this visit. Valuable input for a further development of the Aisha & Friends education materials

Teaching method primary age

NEW! Aisha, how do you feel?

Yay! Our new teaching method: Aisha – How do you feel? is ready to read! Based on the four basic emotions (happy, angry, sad and scared) a practical teaching method is developed. The topic of emotions is addressed in a playful way with creative exercises and colorful illustrations. In addition a toolkit (posters, games, hand puppet) is available as well as an extensive trainer instruction. Curious about our new materials? Download in our toolbox!

2022 projects

Exciting times! New educational programs are built with local partners. A new teaching method for the Primary Group to be launched in May. The Speak Up! Training in September. Meanwhile the Aisha Corona booklets are still travelling around. Do not hesitate to help us make these projects successful…

Aisha – Basic Emotions  

Basic Emotions as the leading theme of a new Aisha & Friends  booklet. Aisha to be happy, sad, fearful and angry. The framework is ready…

Aisha – In Hospital 

Dr. John Robert, working in the KCMC hospital (Kilimanjaro, Tz) is building plans for in-hospital education in his region…

Another 6000 pupils reading Aisha

FTKilimanjaro continued to distribute the Corona booklets. 12 primary schools in Lower Moshi area (Tz) were reached…

Growing life skills: empowering children

Learning life skills is incredibly important for achieving goals in life. Teaching life skills however today is hardly integrated in learning programs. Aisha & Friends starts (pilot) projects in 2021 to help teachers to have live skills taught. Read more…

Partner model

To reach as many children as possible in our target countries, Aisha & Friends Foundation is delivering social educational tools through a partner model. Our partner network is based on co-creation and reciprocal empowerment. Working closely with our local partners, enabled us to reach already over 100.000 children from 2020. Would you like to become a registered  Aisha & Friends partner please connect with us via info@aishaandfriends.com

Aisha & Friends

The making of Aisha…

It was somewhere on my papers full of scribbles that I found her. Between notes about Corona, Tanzanian organizations, African girls’ names and a vague storyline about 2 African children. My first sketch, in 4B Pencil. And she was named… Aisha!

Aisha, a cheerful African girl. Eager to learn, socially aware and confident. Not only in herself, but also in the world she lives in. “If we do the right things together, we soon will be able to dance together again”, Aisha tells Moses in the digital reading story “Aisha and Moses strong against Coronavirus”. A wise remark that could not be ignored too easily. Read more…


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