Aisha – In Hospital

Dr. John Robert Minja (Mediams Tanzania), working in the KCMC hospital (Kilimanjaro, Tz) is building plans for in-hospital education in his region. Hospitals in Tanzania usually service many long stay patients. During their medical treatment children miss out on any form of education and mental support. Dr. John reached out to Aisha & Friends to explore cooperation for his in-hospital education project. Currently we are extending our understanding of the local situation and perceived needs. 

Further project plans will be shared as soon as possible…

Project objective
Educational and pedagogical support for children staying in hospital for longer period
Providing: – Pedagogical materials and coaching to the teachers; – Funding to local partner MEDIAMS Foundation; – Project management support to scale up the concept to other hospitals

Status July 1st 2021
Project plan + memo of understanding pilot phase established.
Restart funding ‘In hospital school’ in KCMC (Tanzania) 
Start coaching teachers and providing materials 

Financial status
Funding 50% complete
Funding scale up phase: yet to start