Aisha – Corona project

How to explain young kids about the Coronavirus? They might have noticed already and left confused or excited. The booklet addresses the insecurity and excitement of children, whilst teaching how to behave to avoid further contamination simultaneously.

A light story, providing children with solutions and language to express anxiety and potential sadness. All applicable preventing measures are explained in a child friendly way. The booklets have landed in 20 countries already. Read here the latest news.

These reading and audio books – in English, Swahili and Dutch language-, initially have been developed for children in Tanzania and Kenia. Based on frequent demands recently a new release was developed in Chichewa (Malawi) and in Chishona (Zimbabwe). Immigrants living in The Netherlands might benefit from the booklets as well.

Project objective
Create freeware educational booklet for children. 
Theme: how to deal with covid-19 virus
Digitally distribute freeware to potential users in Africa target countries

Status July 1ste 2021
Booklet translated in 4 languages
Actively distributed as freeware in 9 countries (landed in over 20 countries…)
Reached over 100.000 children and their families.

Financial status
Funding 100% complete