Aisha & Friends Partner Model

Aisha & Friends Partner Model

To reach as many children as possible in our target countries, Aisha & Friends Foundation is delivering social educational tools through a partner model. Our partner network is based on cocreation and reciprocal empowerment. Working closely with our local partners, enabled us to reach already over 100.000 children from 2020.

Why become our Partner?

We develop our social education teaching methods preferably in cocreation with our local partners. Next to our child friendly materials, we provide training to teachers and manuals to caretakers. 

We contextualize teaching methods to customize for your particular situation. Localized and recognized teaching methods have higher impact and give more fun!

How it works? 

Partners have the rights to use of the agreed existing Aisha & Friends teaching methods for their area of implementation. Aisha & Friends Foundation provides access to her network, materials and expertise and services. Partners pay a yearly license fee based on their income. Partners remain in charge of implementing the programmes. This fee ensures the sustainability and quality of Aisha & Friends network. 

Would you like to become a registered  Aisha & Friends partner please connect with us via